We All Have Our Reasons:
Community Perceptions of HIV Vaccine Research

Members of these communities discuss their willingness to participate in government-sponsored research, explain potential barriers to study participation, and offer suggestions for including community members in the research process. Interviews took place in a variety of community settings, including coffee houses, a barber shop, a church, a gym, and a needle exchange program.

The discussion guide complements the video by providing a format through which the problems and solutions presented in the videotape can be reviewed and discussed by audience members. Facilitators can use this information to lead viewers in weighing the many issues presented in the video. Quotes from video participants and discussion starter questions have been included.

We All Have Our Reasons is a research product of Project LinCS (Linking Communities and Scientists), whose goal is to develop an understanding of community and individual perceptions of medical research -- particularly vaccine trials -- related to HIV/AIDS.

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