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June 2000

Some links on this page are files in PDF format, and you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. For more information on installing Acrobat and configuring your browser to view PDF files, see the PDF online help.

  • On the Web
  • New Publications

    On the Web TOP

    The current Spotlight on the NPIN Web site highlights the topic "AIDS in Africa." It features relevant publications, news, and links to sites relating to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

    New themes have been added to the "Publications Available from NPIN" page and the "Resources by Topic" page of the NPIN Web site. The new themes are "Community Planning," "Health Care Workers," and "Travel & Immigration." Also, the theme "Pregnancy & Pediatrics" has been divided into two separate themes, "Pregnancy" and "Pediatrics." These new themes will allow users to find more detailed information on each specific topic.

    New Publications TOP

    The following publications have recently been added to NPIN inventory:

    • The National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis from the United States. D362
    • Servicio de NPIN: Servicio de referencia, distribucion e informacion sobre el VIH/SIDA ETS y TB (English version B004 ). B010
    • All Healthy All HIV-Free. P006
    • HIV/AIDS & Persons With Physical And Mental Disabilities Pathfinder (revised April 2000). B534
    • HIV and AIDS: Are You at Risk? (revised March 2000). D539
    • HIV Prevention Now More Than Ever. D374
    • Questions and Answers about TB. D375
    • Tuberculosis Enterese. D377
    • "Take" The Result is in you "Control" (English cassette tape). A201
    • "Toma" El Resultado Esta En Ti "Control" (Spanish cassette tape). A202
    • El VIH y el SIDA entre los Hispanos en Estados Unidos (English version D044). D367
    • El VIH, el SIDA y las Mujeres que Tienen Relaciones Sexuales con Mujeres (WSW) en Estados Unidos (English version D597). D371
    • Observacion de los Trabajadores de Asistencia Medica con VIH/SIDA (English version D287). D364
    • Jovenes en peligro: el VIH/SIDA entre los jovenes de Estados Unidos (English version D034). D368
    • Necesidad de Prevencion del VIIH Sostenida entre los Hombres que Tienen Relaciones Sexuales con Hombres (English version D047). D370
    • El Contagio del VIH Asociado con las Drogas Continua en Estados Unidos (English version D056). D366
    • El HIV/SIDA entre los Afroestadounidenses (English version D036). D365
    • El HIV/SIDA entre las Mujeres de Estados Unidos: Mujeres Jovenes y de Minorias en Riesgo Constante (English version D035). D369
    • HIV-Related Tuberculosis in a Transgender Network-Baltimore, Maryland, and New York City Area, 1998-2000. MMWR, April 21, 2000/ Vol.49/No.15. M035

    The publications listed above may be accessed in many different ways. They can be ordered by phone at 800-458-5231 or 301-562-1098. They can also be ordered or downloaded from our Web site at http://www.cdcnpin.org/pubs/start.htm.

    Some of the publications listed above are also available from our 24-hour automated fax-back system, NPIN FAX. To receive a list of all documents available by NPIN FAX call 800-458-5231 or 301-562-1098 and follow the prompts. You can also download the list from our Web site at http://www.cdcnpin.org/services/faxpubs.htm.

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