July 1996

New Clinical Trials Video

The new HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials: Knowing Your Options videotape package is now available from the AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS). ACTIS is a national information and referral service that provides the latest details on federally and privately sponsored clinical trials for experimental drugs and other HIV-related therapies for adults and children.

The HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials: Knowing Your Options package includes:

The 19-minute videotape clearly explains what HIV/AIDS clinical trials are and presents a simple "Learn, Consider, and Choose" approach for making personal decisions related to trials. The video features interviews with people who have participated in clinical trials as well as doctors and nurses who work in medical research programs. View a full description of the videotape on the Trials Information section of the ACTIS site. The HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials: Knowing Your Options package ($15) and additional copies of the brochure (10 each) can be ordered from ACTIS, call 1-800-874-2572.

Update on Occupational Exposure to HIV

The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report article, "Update: Provisional Public Health Service Recommendations for Chemoprophylaxis After Occupational Exposure to HIV," discusses the fact that although preventing exposure to blood is the primary means of preventing occupationally acquired HIV infection, appropriate post-exposure management is an important element of workplace safety. Information suggesting that zidovudine (ZDV) postexposure prophylaxis may reduce the risk for serconversion after occupational exposure to HIV-infected blood prompted a Public Health Service (PHS) interagency working group, with expert consultation, to update a previous PHS statement on management of occupational exposure to HIV. The update includes six recommendations, which are provisional because they are based on limited data, with regard to efficacy and toxicity of postexposure prophylaxis and risk for HIV infection following different types of exposure. MMWR (6/7/96)Vol. 45, No. 22. To order a FREE copy of the MMWR use the Internet Order Form. View the report in plain text on the CDC NAC Gopher or in PDF format on the CDC web site.

CDC Reports on Lesbian HIV Issues Meeting

The CDC recently released a report on the April 20-21, 1995 Lesbian HIV Issues Meeting which was held by the CDC National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention in order to discuss the risk of HIV transmission among women who have sex with women (WSW).

Meeting participants, including epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, persons with experience in lesbian issues and women's health, and CDC staff looked at the factors and conditions affecting the HIV epidemic in lesbian populations. They also explored the need to formulate and circulate HIV prevention guidelines for women who have sex with women. CDC's report on the meeting details the agenda, and attendees, and gives a recap of the meeting. The report also provides a succinct list of the recommendations which were made, a discussion of issues, and a list of people to contact within the service and research areas of lesbians and HIV. Order a FREE copy of the CDC report (#D265) on the meeting through the Clearinghouse by calling 1-800-458-5231.

NEW Internet Features

New CDC NAC Publications

  • Educational Materials on HIV and Women who have Sex with Women (WSW). Many factors and conditions affect WSW and their perception of their risk of HIV infection, including whether or not they self-identify as lesbians, their status as sex workers or members of the incarcerated population, and injection drug use. This new Standard Search provides information on the growing number of resources addressing HIV prevention efforts and the communities of lesbian and bisexual women. Order a free copy of the search using the Internet Order Form.
  • Educational Materials About HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), once called venereal diseases, are among the most common infectious diseases in the U.S. today. Drawn from our Educational Materials Database, the materials in this Search provide information on STDs in general and on the connection between HIV/AIDS and other STDs. The materials can be used by organizations working to link HIV and other STD prevention efforts, individuals interested in the effect other STDs can have on someone with HIV/AIDS, and to better understand behavioral risk-factors for various populations. Order a free copy of the search using the Internet Order Form.
  • HIV/AIDS and African Americans: A Guide to Selected Resources. The number of lives lost to AIDS among 25-44 year-old adults in the United States continues to climb, with the rate of death increasing rapidly among African Americans, according to statistics released in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on February 16, 1996. This new resource guide includes up-to-date information from the Clearinghouse's Resources and Services, Educational Materials, Periodicals, and Funding databases, as well as the full text of selected fact sheets and articles from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and information on selected Internet resources. There is a $4 shipping and handling fee for this guide, call the Clearinghouse at 1-800-458-5231 to order (#B950).

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    At upcoming conferences, the Clearinghouse will be presenting, exhibiting, and/or demonstrating CDC NAC ONLINE and Internet services:
  • National Black Nurses Association, "24th National Institute and Conference," July 31-August 4, Chicago, IL.
  • Texas HIV/AIDS Statewide Conference, August 25-29, 1996, Austin, TX.
  • "Eleventh Biennial National Conference on Hispanic Health and Human Services," September 9-12, Sante Fe, NM.
  • "Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program Annual Conference," September 23-24, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, 1996 Annual Meeting, September 23-28, Balt., MD.
  • CDC and Kaiser Family Foundation, "Conference on HIV-Related Behavioral Surveillance," September 27-28, Atlanta, GA.

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