June 1995


Clearinghouse staff worked throughout April to prepare for the May 1st introduction of the new Wildcat! version of CDC NAC ONLINE, CDC NAC's computerized information network. NAC ONLINE has more than 600 registered users from community-based organizations, national organizations, Federal and state agencies, and others working in the HIV/AIDS field.

The new system provides expanded services for the NAC ONLINE user community including:

To access NAC ONLINE, you need a personal computer with a modem. NAC ONLINE is a free service and can be accessed by dialing a toll-free number. Call 800-458-5231 for more information. To dial directly in to NAC ONLINE using a modem, the phone number is 800-851-7245. Set your communications software to the following configuration: 8, N, 1, VT100. When you log on, you will first be asked to register by answering a series of questions.

About Our Database Staff

Clearinghouse callers and visitors rarely get a chance to meet the staff of the Database department, the behind-the-scenes workers who keep the information on the CDC NAC databases current.

These individuals are a diverse group of information specialists with backgrounds in varied areas including library science, biology, chemistry, and publishing. Together they work to verify current entries and to gather new ones for the Clearinghouse HIV/AIDS-related databases listed below:

Staff regularly contact organizations to ensure that database information remains current so that callers to the Clearinghouse are provided with the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

Call a Clearinghouse reference specialist at 800-458-5231 for a database search of any of the databases listed above.

Resources for Gay Men

The 1994 year-end HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, issued by the CDC, shows that gay men remain the segment of the population most affected by HIV/AIDS. Clearinghouse staff produced two publications for and about gay men:

New Materials for Hispanics & Latinos/as

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is having a serious impact on Hispanics throughout the world. While Hispanics/Latinos/as make up about 9% of the population of the U.S., the 1994 year-end HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report data shows that more than 17% of the people diagnosed with AIDS in this country are Hispanic. The Clearinghouse developed materials for and about Hispanics/Latinos/as:

(Please note, there is a $4 shipping & handling fee for this guide -- call 800-458-5231 to order a copy)

To order a FREE copy of the publications described here, call 1-800-458-5231. Some of the publications are also available via Internet, CDC NAC ONLINE, and NAC FAX, the CDC NAC fax-on-demand service. For more information call the Clearinghouse at 1-800-458-5231.

Look for Us!

The Clearinghouse will be presenting, exhibiting, and/or demonstrating NAC ONLINE at upcoming conferences:

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