NAC Reading Room Subject Headings

Economic Costs - SEC00

SEC01 Health Insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, or Insurance)
SECO2 Health Care (Hospices, Hospitals, Home Care)
SEC03 Drug Therapy
SEC04 Federal and Home Expenditures
SEC05 Viatical Settlement Firms
SEC99 Other Economic Cost Issues

Education/Training Programs - SED00

SED01 Elementary (K-5) Education Programs
SED02 Middle School (6-8) Education Programs
SED03 High School (9-12) Education Programs
SED04 University Education Programs
SED05 Patient Education
SED06 Training Professionals
SED07 Training Paraprofessionals (EMT's Allied Health Professionals)
SED08 Training Volunteers
SED09 Computer Assisted Learning
SED10 Program Development
SED99 Other Educational/Training Programs

Funding Issues - SFD00

SFD01 Sources of Funding
SFD02 Funded Projects
SFD03 Charities
SFD99 Other Funding Issues

Family Issues - SFM00

SFM01 Impact on Parents of PWAs
SFM02 Impact on Significant Others
SFM03 Impact on Sex Partners of PWAs
SFM04 Impact on Children of PWAs
SFM99 Other Family Issues

Government - SGV00

SGV01 Military
SGV02 Veterans
SGV03 Civil Servants
SGV04 Policy Issues
SGV99 Other Government Issues

Housing Issues - SHS00

SHS01 Adults
SHS02 Babies/Children
SHS99 Other Housing Issues

International Issues - SIN00

SIN01 Treatment
SIN02 Prevention
SIN03 Epidemiology
SIN04 World Health Organization (WHO)
SIN05 Material in Foreign Languages
SIN99 Other International Issues

Legislation/Legal Issues - SLG00

SGL01 Discrimination Laws
SGL02 Confidentiality
SGL03 Contact Tracing/Partner Notification
SGL04 Quarantine
SGL05 Civil Rights
SGL06 Mandatory Testing
SGL07 Definition of HIV/AIDS as Communicable Disease
SGL08 Ethics
SGL09 Criminal Justice
SGL10 Immigration Laws
SGL11 School Policies
SGL12 Willful Exposure, Prosecution For
SGL99 Other Legislation/Legal Issues

Biomedical Issues - SMD00

SMD01 Terminology of HIV Infection
SMD02 Natural History (Progression of the Disease)
SMD03 Symptoms
SMD04 Survival of HIV Outside the Body
SMD05 Diagnosis
SMD06 Opportunistic Infections
SMD07 Dementia
SMD08 Kaposiís Sarcoma/Other Cancers
SMD08A Radiation/Chemotherapy
SMD09 Alcohol Use, Substance Abuse
SMD10 Tuberculosis
SMD11 Asymptomatic Infection
SMD13 Hepatitis
SMD99 Other Biomedical Issues

Racial and Ethnic Minorities - SMN00

SMN01 Hispanics/Latinos
SMN02 African Americans/Blacks
SMN03 Native Americans/Indians
SMN04 Asian Americans
SMN05 Pacific Islanders
SMN06 Haitian Creole
SMN99 Other Racial and Ethnic Minorities

NAC Issues - SNC00

SNC01 NAC Publications
SNC02 Outside Referrals
SNC03 NAC Services
SNC04 CDC Services
SNC05 AIDS-Related Organizations - 1A
SNC06 Low Literacy Reading Materials
SNC07 Videos
SNC08 Organizations with Hotlines/Libraries
SNC09 AIDS-Related Conferences
SNC09A World AIDS Day
SNC10 AIDS-Related Materials - 1B
SNC99 Other NAC Issues

Professionals at Risk for HIV Infection - SPF00

SPF01 Health Professionals
SPF01A Physicians
SPF01B Nurses
SPF01C Dentists
SPF01D Ophthalmologists (Contact Lenses)
SPF01E Acupuncturists
SPF01F Emergency Care Workers
SPF02 Other Professionals
SPF02A Cosmetologists
SPF02B Morticians
SPF02C Tattooists
SPF02D Electrologists (Ear Piercing)
SPF02E Support Staff (Custodial Workers, Food Services Workers, Housekeepers, Laundry Workers, Waste Collectors, Dietitians, Nurseís Aides)
SPF02F Law Enforcement Staff (Police Officers)
SPF99 Other Professionals at Risk

Special Population Groups - SPG00

SPG01 IV Drug Users or Substance Abusers
SPG02 Homosexuals
SPG03 Bisexuals
SPG04 Lesbians
SPG05 Sex Workers, Prostitutes
SPG06 Sex Partners
SPG07 Homeless
SPG08 Youth
SPG08A Infants (0-4)
SPG08B Children (5-9)
SPG08C Preteens (10-12)
SPG08D Adolescents (13-17)
SPG08E Pediatric AIDS
SPG08F Runaways/Throwaways
SPG09 Young Adults (18-22)
SPG10 Hemophiliacs
SPG11 Person with AIDS (PWA)
SPG11A Long Trem Survivors
SPG12 Physically and Mentally Disabled
SPG12A Hearing Impaired/Deaf
SPG12B Visually Disabled
SPG12C Developmentally Disabled
SPG12D Physically Disabled
SPG12E Mentally Disabled
SPG13 Economically Disadvantaged
SPG14 Women
SPG15 Elderly
SPG16 Migrants
SPG17 Prisoners
SPG18 Famous Personalities
SPG19 Recent Immigrants
SPG20 Heterosexuals
SPG21 Parents
SPG22 Rural Populations
SPG23 Transgender, Transvestites, Cross-dressers Community
SPG99 Other Special Population Groups

Prevention - SPR00

SPR01 Risk Reduction/Behavior Modification
SPR01A Safer Sex
SPR01B Abstinence
SPR01C Monogamous Relationship
SPR01D Needle Sharing
SPR02 Advertising/Media
SPR02A Public Awareness Campaigns, Advertising (PSAs)
SPR02B Portrayal of HIV Infection/AIDS in Broadcast, Film Media
SPR02C Theater/Plays about HIV/AIDS
SPR03 Database, Electronic Media, Bulletin Borads
SPR04 Church Roles/Issues
SPR99 Other Prevention Issues

Psychological Effects - SPY00

SPY01 Depression
SPY02 Denial, Rejection
SPY03 Stress, Fear, Confusion, Anxiety
SPY04 Apathy, Resignation
SPY05 Suicide
SPY06 Psychosocial Issues
SPY99 Other Psychological Effects

Research Methods - SRS00

SRS01 Questionnaires, Surveys, Instruments, Tools (KABís, KAPís)
SRS02 Longitudinal Studies
SRS03 Programs Evaluation
SRS99 Other Research Methods

Social Issues - SSC00

SSC01 Stigma
SSC02 Attitudes, Theories
SSC03 Etiology of HIV/AIDS (History, Origin of Disease)
SSC03A Conspiracy Theories
SSC04 Impact on Behavior Patterns
SSC05 Socioeconomic Issues
SSC06 Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Violence
SSC99 Other Social Issues

Statistical Information - SST00

SST01 Demographics
SST02 Mortality
SST03 Morbidity
SST04 Prevalence, Epidemiology
SST99 Other Statistical Information

HIV Transmission - STN00

STN01 Health Care Setting (Precaution/Infection Control)
STN01A Needle Sticks
STN01B Blood Spills
STN01C Use of Gloves, Bleach, Disinfectants
STN01D Hospital Waste
STN02 Body Fluids (Blood, Saliva, Tears, Urine, Seminal)
STN03 Casual Contact (Kissing, Handshakes, Toilet Seats, Dishes, Pools, Hot Tubs)
STN04 Insects
STN05 Victims of Sexual Assault
STN06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
STN07 Safety of Blood Supply
STN08 IV Drug Use
STN08A Crack
STN08B Ice
STN09 Perinatal Transmission (Pregnancy and HIV)
STN10 Oral Sex Transmission
STN11 Animals, Pets
STN12 Anal Intercourse
STN13 Female to Male Transmission
STN14 Alternative Insemination
STN99 Other HIV Transmission

Testing - STS00

STS01 Pre/Post Extended Counseling
STS02 Types of Tests
STS03 Seroconversion
STS04 Anonymous Testing
STS05 Testing Accuracy
STS06 HIV Home Testing
STS99 Other Testing Issues

Treatment - STX00

STX01 Clinical Trails (Drug Vaccines)
STX02 Drug Therapy
STX03 Alternative Therapies
STX03A Holistic Therapies
STX03B Acupuncture
STX03C Folk Medicine
STX03D Meditation
STX03E Massage Therapy
STX04 Quackery, Fraud Cures
STX05Counseling/Social Workers
STX05ASupport Groups
STX05B Pastoral Counseling
STX05C Group Therapy
STX05D Peer Counseling
STX06 Transitional Care
STX06A Hospice Care
STX06B Home Care
STX06C Nursing Care
STX06D Foster Care
STX06E Volunteer Care (Buddies, Self-help Groups, Social Support)
STX07 Diet, Nutrition
STX08 Case Management
STX09 Research Issues
STX09A Organization Conducting Research
STX09B Drugs and Vaccines
STX99 Other Treatment Issues

Workplaces Issues - SWK00

SWK01 Polices and Guidelines
SWK02 Occupational Safety
SWK03 Discrimination
SWK04 Training
SWK04A Employee Education
SWK04B Managers/Supervisors
SWK05 Confidentiality
SWK06 American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
SWK06A Reasonable Accommodation
SWK07 Transmission
SWK07A Infection Control
SWK07B First Aid
SWK99 Other Workplace Issues