Systems to Alert Staff to New Information

1. Staff Reports at Meetings

Assign responsibility for keeping up with specific topics to each member of the staff. Have staff report news and updates on their topic to their colleagues at weekly staff meetings. The advantage to this system is that it is interactive and stimulates discussion.

2. News Folder/Bulletin Board/Clip Board

Post new information in a central location. This might be a bulletin board on which the information is tacked, or a clipboard or folder. Make sure the information is posted in a location that is conducive to browsing. Also, make sure that information is removed once it is no longer news.

3. Routing Systems

Route Information to staff by attaching a slip of paper which lists the names of the people who want to see the material. When one person finishes reading the material, they pass it along to the next person on the list. This can work well for newsletters and journals if staff are able to read their mail in a timely manner.

What systems does your organization use to alert staff to new information?