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About NPIN Publications

NPIN makes hundreds of brochures, fact sheets, and posters available to the public, at little or no cost. In general, you may order up to 10 publications in any combination. Multiple copies of a single publication count toward this limit. If you attempt to order more than 10 total publications, you will receive an error message, and you will have to change your order.

Government publications are in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without permission; citation as to source, however, is appreciated.

To use the publications system, you need version 3.0 or higher of Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser.

Browsing Publications

At the Publications home page (http://www.cdcnpin.org/pubs/start.htm) you will see a table of the various topics covered by the publications. The topics are represented by icons. There is a checkbox by each topic. There are three ways to browse publications.

  • To view a list of publications on several topics, click in the checkboxes under those topics. You can click in as many checkboxes as you want. Then click on the icon next to Look up the publications in the selected categories.
  • If you want to view a list of all the available publications, click on the icon next to View all publications. (Note: This page is long and takes longer to download.)
  • To view a page listing not only publications, but news and information, and other links related to a topic, click on the icon.

You will see a table with two columns: Publications and Corresponding Topics. In the left column will be the name of the publication; in the right column will be the icons that represent the topics addressed by the publication.

    For example, if you click on the checkbox under Youth, your search will turn up the publication "How do Parents and Children Talk about HIV?" In the Corresponding Icons column, you would see icons for Youth, Prevention, and HIV/AIDS.

Only 10 publications will be posted on each page of your results. If your search turns up more than 10 publications, the results will be posted on multiple pages. To browse multiple pages, click on the number of the page you want to go to, or click on Next.

You can continue to browse using topics in two other ways:

  • One of the links under each publication title is "more like this." Click on more like this to search the database for publications that have at least the same corresponding topics.

    For example, clicking on more like this next to the publication "How do Parents and Children Talk about HIV?" would search the database for publications that cover (at least) the topics Youth, Prevention, and HIV/AIDS. I.e., it would bring up "The Prevention Marketing Intiative: Youth Involvement" (Youth, Prevention, HIV/AIDS), "What Are Young Gay Men's HIV Prevention Needs?" (Youth, Prevention, HIV/AIDS, and Sexual Minorities), and "UCSF FACT:QUE NECES LOS ADOLE D816" (Youth, Prevention, HIV/AIDS, and Spanish), among others.

  • Click on an icon in the right-hand column of the table to view that Browse by Topic page. This page will include not only publications, but news and information, and links to related Web sites.

Viewing Publications Online

One of the links under each publication title is "PDF," "URL," or "N/A."

  • Click on PDF, if it is available, to view the publication in Portable Document Format.
  • Click on URL, if it is available, to view the publication at another organization's Web site.
  • If "N/A" appears under the publication title, you cannot view the publication online.

Putting Publications in Your Shopping Cart

If you allow a temporary cookie to be installed on your computer (i.e., you have your browser set to accept all cookies, or you accepted it individually), then you can put publications in your shopping cart, leave the publications section, and return later to order them.

Note:If you do not accept the NPIN cookie (i.e., you have your browser set to reject all cookies, or you reject it individually), then you will have to browse and select publications, put them in your cart, go directly to the Order Form screen, and order the publications immediately. You cannot put items in your cart, go to other parts of the site, and return later.

There are two ways to put publications into your shopping cart.

  • To order multiple publications-to continue looking over the list while selecting publications-click in the checkboxes under the publication titles. When you are ready to order, click on the icon next to Add selected publications to your shopping cart. To deselect a publication, click in the checkbox again; click on Clear selected publications to deselect all of them.

    Note: If your search produced more than one page of results, you need to click on Add selected publications to your shopping cart on each page that you want to order publications from before you go to the next page.

  • To order only one publication, click on the order number (e.g., D010).

Looking Over the Contents of Your Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart screen tells you how many items are in your shopping cart. You can change the quantities of publications, order the publications, go back to the Publications section to browse and select more, or (if you accepted the NPIN cookie) even visit other sections of the site and return later to order.

  • To change the quantities of items in your shopping cart, click in the cell and change the number.
  • To remove an item from your shopping cart, change the quantity to 0. The publication will still appear in the list, but as long as the quantity is zero, it will not be ordered.
  • If you changed the quantities of any publications, and you are not ready to order yet, click on Update Quantities. To continue browsing publications, click on Return to NPIN publications, or click on Back in your browser. If you accepted the NPIN cookie, you may also visit other parts of the site and return to order later.
  • To order the the publications, click on Order these publications. Note: If you did not accept the NPIN cookie, you must click on Order these publications and order your publications immediately. You may not continue to browse; the system will not remember your order.

You may order up to 10 publications. Multiple copies of a single publication count toward this limit. Some publications have individual limits of less than 10; if you attempt to order more than the limit, the system will reset your order for that publication to the limit.

    For example, if you are only allowed to order five copies of Youth and HIV/AIDS, An American Agenda: A Report to the President, and you attempt to order ten copies, the system will reset your order to five of Youth and HIV/AIDS.

The Order Form

From the Order Form screen, you can order publications one of four ways:

  1. Call your order in through NPIN's toll-free number, (800) 458-5231 (or (301) 562-1098 for international calls),
  2. Print out and fax your order form to (888) 282-7681 (or (301) 562-1050 for international faxes),
  3. Print out and mail your order form to CDC NPIN, P.O. Box 6003, Rockville, MD, 20849-6003, or
  4. Submit your order online.

TTY: (800) 243-7012
International TTY: (301) 588-1589

To print out the order form, click on your browser's Print button, or click on File | Print.

To submit the form online,

  1. Enter your first and last names (required) and organization (optional) in the cells provided.
  2. Select your organization type from the pick list (optional).
  3. Type your street, city, and ZIP Code in the cells provided (required).
  4. Choose your country and state from the pulldown lists (required).
  5. Enter your phone number, fax number, and e-mail address in the cells provided (optional).
  6. If you have an NPIN cookie on your computer, and you want to save the personal information you just entered, click on the checkbox next to Remember me. The next time you order publications from NPIN, you will not have to re-enter your personal information. Note: If you return to the NPIN publications order form later, and you no longer want the cookie to store your personal information, click again in the checkbox next to Remember me to uncheck it.
  7. If you want to change your order, click on Change your order to return to the shopping cart page.
  8. Click on Order to submit your order online, or
  9. Click on Return to NPIN Publications to exit the order form screen without ordering publications. Note: If you do not have the NPIN cookie on your computer, and you leave this screen, the system will not remember what items were in your shopping cart.

After you submit your order online, you will receive a confirmation message. Print out the confirmation screen or write down your order number and customer ID number. You will need this information if you need to contact NPIN about your order. Expect to receive your order in 2-4 weeks.

Note: The information you provide to NPIN when ordering publications is restricted and confidential

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