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September 6, 1996 MMWR: School-Based HIV-Prevention Education -- United States, 1994

Many adolescents in the United States engage in behaviors that increase their risk of HIV infection. Because 95% of all youth aged 5-17 years are enrolled in school, school health programs can be an efficient method to help prevent these behaviors. In 1994, CDC conducted the School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS), which assessed five components of the school health program: health education, physical education, health services, food service, and health policies. To provide a comprehensive assessment of HIV-prevention education programs nationwide in 1994, CDC analyzed data from the health education component of the study. This report summarizes the findings, which indicate that although HIV-prevention education has been widely implemented in U.S. schools, improvement in these programs is needed. View the full text of this MMWR in pdf format on the CDC Web site or view it in plain text on the CDC NAC gopher.

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