Sara N McLanahan
CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse
18 Executive Park Dr., Ste 1804

Skills Highlights

Professional Experience

Aspen Systems Corporation, CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse, Atlanta, GA 1995 - present
Library Manager

Manage the CDC NAC Atlanta Resource Center serving CDC staff and the general public. With staff, provide full range of library services: maintaining current periodical collection, providing reference and literature monitoring services, and assisting with collection development. Train individuals, teach seminars, and make conference presentations on locating HIV/AIDS information. Participate in information dissemination planning, including web site development. In January 1997, served as a consultant for a United States Agency for International Development AIDSCAP project in South Africa, developing curricula and facilitating workshops and one-on-one training on establishing, managing, promoting and funding HIV/AIDS resource centers.

Caribbean Epidemiologic Center, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. April 1995
Information Systems Consultant

As a consultant for the Pan American Health Organization, assessed regional capacity to implement a Caribbean AIDS Clearinghouse. Wrote and submitted report recommending steps towards implementing a pilot program of a Caribbean AIDS Clearinghouse.

Aspen Systems Corporation, CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse, Rockville, MD. January - July 1994
Freelance Researcher/Writer

Interviewed representatives of 13 U.S. HIV/AIDS information dissemination projects and wrote how to manual for organizations on creation of HIV/AIDS information services.

Support Center for Nonprofit Management, San Francisco, CA.;January - July 1994

Designed and led workshops and individual training on evaluation and use of online sources of HIV/AIDS information.

The National Hemophilia Foundation, New York, NY.1991-1994

Managed collection development and technical processing of HIV/AIDS clearinghouse. Edited publications.

Professional presentations

Mining the Internet for Medical Information. MLA accredited CE course (6 hrs.) Curricula available on the World Wide Web at

Capital District Library Council/Albany Area Health Libraries, Albany NY, April 11, 1997.

Tampa Bay Medical Library Network, Tampa, Florida, March 10 & 11, 1997.

University of South Carolina, College of Library and Information Science, Columbia SC, March 8, 1997.

Medical Library Association/Southern Chapter Annual Conference. Memphis, TN, October 12, 1996

University of South Carolina, College of Library and Information Science, Columbia SC, May 12, 1996.

Electronic Sources of HIV/AIDS Information. 2-3 hr. workshop. Curricula available on the World Wide Web at

9th Annual AIDS Update Conference, San Francisco CA, March 21, 1997.

CDC HIV Prevention Community Planning Co-Chairs Meeting, Atlanta GA, March 14, 1997

CDC AIDS Educators Network Meeting, Atlanta GA, December 3, 1996.

Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Annual Conference, Milwaukee WI, September 24, 1996.

HIV/AIDS Information Networks and Educational Development: Community and National Resources for the 90's,@ Oral presentation. Special Library Association. Boston MA, June 1996.

Special Libraries Services: HIV/AIDS Information. Oral presentation. New York Public Library Association. Syracuse NY. October 1994.

Online Communication Systems for AIDS Service Agencies. 6 hr training course. Support Center for Nonprofit Management. San Francisco, CA. May 3 & 4, 1994.

Development of a Bibliographic Index of Non-Traditional HIV Treatment Information Sources. Poster session. Int Conf AIDS. 9(2):893 (abstract no. PO-D21-4051) Jun 6-11, 1993.



How to Establish and Manage an HIV/AIDS Collection. Neal Schuman, in press.

The HIV/AIDS Information Arena Needs Leadership of Librarians. Specialist, The Newsletter of the Special Libraries Association. March 1995, p.1-4.

HIV/AIDS Information Services: Profiles of Successful Services plus Advice for Starting your Own. CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse Resource Guide. CDC NAC, 1994.


Index to Community based AIDS Treatment Literature. Published quarterly. National Hemophilia Foundation, 1991-1993.

HTIE: HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Exchange. Published quarterly. National Hemophilia Foundation,


HIE: Hemophilia Information Exchange. Published monthly. National Hemophilia Foundation, 1991-1993.


Masters of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1989.

Bachelors of Art, Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1985.