What You Will Find When You Search This Database

Searching this database will help you find organizations at the national, state, or city level that provide a range of services related to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, support, and care. You can locate groups that provide services in languages other than English and groups that target their services to specific audiences (youth, women, etc). While a small number of organizations located outside of the U.S. are included, the database is primarily a resource for groups in the U.S.

The information provided about each organization includes the name, address, and telephone number; geographical service area; hours of service; access procedures; types of services and audiences served; and information resources produced.

How the Database is Organized

The Resources and Services Database is organized into sections called "fields." For example, "Organization Name," "City," "State," etc. are each separate fields. Together these fields make up the full description of each organization in the database; this is called a "record." Your search results will be made up of database records that match your search question.

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