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Systematic Use of HIV/AIDS Information

Information is a vital resource to organizations that provide HIV/AIDS-related services.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of information on HIV/AIDS. But, as anyone who has tried to keep up with this abundant resource can attest, the volume of information, and the fast rate at which it is produced, make it a challenge to effectively utilize this resource. Organizations can rise to the challenge by developing an HIV/AIDS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT STRATEGY that will help them to acquire, use, and store information as effectively and efficiently as possible.

An Information Management Strategy will identify the Types of Information used by your organization, the Methods of Acquiring Information, a Schedule for Acquiring Information, Systems to Alert Staff to the existence of new information, and a Plan for Managing a Reference Collection.

The strategies and sources included in this workshop are a sample of what's out there. Please contribute your ideas and experiences by responding to the queries throughout the workshop.

Samples of HIV/AIDS Information Management Strategies:

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