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The NPIN Web site is designed to share HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB resources and information. If the information here does not answer your specific questions, we can point you to the resources that will. For immediate help and information, you can call our Reference and Referral staff at 1-800-458-5231.

The site is divided into nine major sections, all of which you can access from any page of the site. The links are across the top and down the left of your screen.

The HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB sections contain disease-specific information. Each section has a "What's New?", related links, a bulletin board forum, and links to distance learning opportunities. Other sub-sections like frequently asked questions (FAQs) may also be available.

The Connections section also contains a "What's New?" and related links, as well as a bulletin board forum focusing on the relationships between HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB.

The NPIN databases contain a wealth of information to help you meet your specific needs:

  • The Resources and Services Database provides referral information about organizations, such as clinics and support groups. You can search for organizations near you or in another geographical area, places where a language other than English is spoken, or groups that perform a specific service that you need (such as an extended care facility or a professional association).

  • You can search the Funding Database for funding opportunities related to HIV/AIDS, STDs, and TB. You can search by location, the target audience of the funding, or subject areas that the funding relates to (e.g., outreach, medical care, research, or social services). You can also perform more complex searches, using the above criteria as well as the deadline for application, the eligibility of your organization, and the funder.

  • The Educational Materials Database is part of the Combined Health Information Database (CHID). It offers more than 15,000 descriptions of brochures, directories, manuals, books, posters, reports, studies, teaching guides, sound recordings, videotapes, and other HIV/AIDS educational materials.

  • The Conference Calendar Database contains information about conferences, seminars, and many other gatherings of professionals working in HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB prevention, treatment, and support services.

  • The CDC NCHSTP Prevention News Update Database contains abstracts of HIV/AIDS-, STD-, and TB-related articles from major newspapers, wire services, medical journals, news magazines, and Federal press releases.

One of our most popular service is our daily Prevention News Update, which can be read on-line from our News section. The Update is read by over 200,000 people every day and contains abstracts of news articles and Federal press releases about HIV/AIDS, STDs, and TB. Downloadable copies of old Prevention News Updates are stored on the FTP site. You can sign up to receive the Prevention News Update by e-mail.

Other features of the News section include CDC Updates and Press Releases. The Updates are CDC fact sheets that usually accompany a report or journal article, supplying additional information about a topic and stating CDC's position. Press releases are designed for the media and include information designed to assist in the writing of a story, often in the form of a quote from an official. They may also include contact information from the source.

Prevention Research highlights research performed by CDC and its partners on prevention targeting specific populations, as well as vaccine research.

The Bulletin Board has forums for discussing issues about HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, and the connections between the diseases. You can browse the message threads, or register and post a question or comment.

If you want a comprehensive list of information on one specific topic (e.g., women, youth, or funding), you can check by going to the NPIN Resources by Topic section. There, you can click on any topic and see a list of related off-site links, news and information, and all the related publications which may be accessed on-line.

You can also order and/or download free brochures, posters, and other publications from our publications ordering system for your personal use or for distribution. For an explanation of how to use the publications ordering system, see the help section.

If you need more than our site has to offer, our related links page can point you to other sites on the Web which contain information on HIV/AIDS, STDs and TB. Note: This page is quite extensive and may take longer to load.

If you would like further information about the many services NPIN provides, please check out the NPIN Services section of our Web site. There you will find information on our many services, including our 24 hour automated FAX-back system and our Resource and Training Centers.

If you are an AOL user, some graphics on the NPIN Web site may appear broken or unclear. This poor image quality may be due to the image compression option that AOL provides its customers to reduce download time. If you would like to turn off image compression, you can do so by following these directions:

        - Click on Members | Preferences.
        - Select Web.
        - In the Display section, uncheck "Use compressed images."

If you have comments or questions about how to navigate the NPIN Web site, please e-mail info@cdcnpin.com, and an NPIN staff member will respond to your inquiry.