I.D. Research

Recommendation I.D.1.

The President should continue to show strong support for a coordinated Federal approach to HIV/AIDS research, including continued support for the Office of AIDS Research (OAR).

Administration's Response

Both the President and the Vice President have been active in support of a coordinated Federal approach to HIV/AIDS research. The President requested preparation of The Federal Biomedical and Behavioral Research Plan and Budget for HIV and AIDS, which is a transgovernmental plan and budget prepared under the leadership of Dr. William Paul, Director, OAR.

The Vice President has been engaged in discussions with the pharmaceutical industry and others regarding a better public/private collaboration in various areas of HIV/AIDS research—from vaccine and microbicide development to clinical effectiveness trials.

The Administration has staunchly supported its request for a consolidated budget for AIDS research at the NIH. House Republicans continue to be adamant in their opposition to providing the OAR with its full statutory authority (i.e., a consolidated budget and authority to shift funds during the fiscal year). Senior Administration officials at the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the NIH continue to press our case for restoration of this important authority in FY 1996 and for a continuation of that authority in FY 1997 and beyond, through the NIH reauthorization bill.