I.C. Prevention

Recommendation I.C.1.

The President should make HIV prevention an investment priority during budgetary decision making.

Administration's Response

The President's commitment to HIV prevention programs remains strong. While the Congress failed to grant his request for additional prevention funding in FY 1996, once again the President is seeking a $35 million increase in prevention spending in FY 1997.

Assessment of the Response

The Council commends the President for his commitment to HIV prevention funding, evidenced by his request for an increase in both FY 1996 and FY 1997.

While HIV prevention efforts have essentially received flat funding for the past several years substantial increases are needed in order to adequately address prevention efforts. In the face of the current congressional budgetary and political realities, the Council acknowledges that adequate funding is unlikely. Nonetheless, we believe that this goal is imperative.

Followup Action Recommended

The Council urges that the President continue his advocacy for prevention, understanding its central role in ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, by vigorously working for congressional passage of his requested FY 1997 increase.