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Search Tips

If you are unfamiliar with searching, these step-by-step instructions and tips will help you get relevant results. For descriptions of the fields, see the field help text.


Performing a Simple Search Return to Top

  1. Decide which criteria you would like to use for your search: Target Audience, Subject Area, or Location.
  2. Simply use the pull-down boxes to select a term.
  3. Click on Search.


Refining Your Search Return to Top

If You Find Too Little:
If you find that you are not getting any funding opportunities, or not getting as many as you would like, you need to broaden your search.

You might be restricting the search too much by selecting too many options from the pull-down menu. Choose "None Selected" for one of the fields.

If You Find Too Much:
If you get too many funding opportunities, you need to narrow your search. Here are a few options:

  • Make a choice from another pull-down menu.
  • Add another word in the Search all Text field.
  • Make sure you are searching the fields with the "and" operator.


Interpreting Your Search Results Return to Top

When you select Search, the database runs your search. The results will appear on your screen.

The database will display the number of funding opportunities you specified on the search page. (If you did not choose a number, the database will display the first 50 funding opportunities.) Funding opportunities are displayed by Fund Title, Type of Support, and Application Deadline. Click on a funding opportunity to review its contents.


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