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Field Help

These fields are available in the Funding Database Simple Search Option. Note: For suggestions and hints for searching this database, read the search tips.


Target Audience Return to Top

The target audience is the population group that will ultimately benefit from the activities being funded. Use the pull-down box to select a particular target audience. Audiences have been categorized according to nine subject headings and are alphabetized within each. The categories are:

  • Businesss and Nonprofit Corporations
  • Community, Human Service Providers
  • Educational Organizations
  • Government Organizations/Agencies
  • Health Services Providers
  • Health Care Providers
  • Community Service Professionals
  • General Public, Consumers
  • Persons with AIDS

To find funding opportunities targeted for families, choose the following:

Target Audience:  


Subject Area Return to Top

Subject areas are key words or phrases that indicate the types of activities that the fund will support. Use this field to find all opportunities designed to fund a particular activity.

To find funding opportunities for buddy programs in New York, choose the following:

Operator to
connect fields:
Operator within
Subject areas:  


Location Return to Top

Use this field to find funding opportunities for projects to benefit people in particular states. Note, that when searching by state in the location field, funds retrieved will include any for which location has not been restricted by the funder and also may include funds where particular states are excluded by the funder. To locate funding opportunities to benefit people in a particular city, or non-U.S. locations, enter the location name in the Search All Text Field.

To find funding opportunities to benefit people in Nevada, enter the following:

    Operator within


Options Return to Top

There are two display options that control the format and the number of results displayed to your screen. These options are found on the bottom of the "Funding Database" page.

Select Display Format

  1. List of matching funds.
    This option will display a list of fund titles to your screen. To view the full record, click on the highlighted title.
  2. Complete information about matching funds.
    This option will display all of the results in full format to your screen.

Maximum Number of Funds to Display

To change the number of funds to display, simply click your mouse into the number box, delete the current number and enter a new one.

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