A Record of the CDC NAC Resources and Services Database


Organization Name: Whitman - Walker Clinic AIDS Program
Address (Street): 1407 S St., NW. Washington, DC 20009

Telephone Number (Main): (202) 797-3500

Telephone Number, Hotline: (202) 833-3234 - Gay and Lesbian Hotline

Telephone Number, TTY/TDD (Main): (202) 797-3575

Telephone Number, Spanish (Main): (202) 328-0697 - HOLA-GAY

Telephone Number (Other Phone): (202) 332-2437 - AIDS Information Line

Organization Level: NGO - Non Government

Organization Type: CBO - Community Based Organization

Other/Former Name: WWC
Language: SP - Spanish.

Service City: Washington.

Service Region: Washington metropolitan area.

Geographical Services: GCY Washington. GRG Washington metropolitan area.
Description: The Whitman-Walker Clinic (WWC), established in 1973, is a nonprofit, volunteer-based lesbian and gay community health organization that provides community-based AIDS services. The WWC, AIDS Program operates an HIV medical, eye and dental clinic, an HIV day treatment and care center, 10 residential facilities, a food bank, a comprehensive social work case management program, a financial assistance project, transportation services, home health care, a legal services project, alcohol and substance abuse programs, and an HIV prevention and education program. In addition, WWC operates a variety of mental health programs and an alcohol and substance abuse program for the lesbian and gay community. WWC offers practical support services and mental health services, including a buddy system, support groups, counseling and therapy, and recreational activities. Project AORTA ( AIDS Education Outreach to the Alienated) involves educating male prostitutes and transvestites about HIV/ AIDS. The IV Drug Abuse and Prostitute Project involves recruiting outreach workers and counselors for street encounters. A pharmacy supplies medication at wholesale prices to HIV-infected persons. A Project for the Visually Impaired trains volunteers to become mobility instructors who teach sight-impaired people with AIDS how to maintain their independence. A loan closet contains a range of everyday items such as clocks, utensils, and writing implements for the visually impaired. Outreach to Black and Latino gay/bisexual men and lesbians is provided through the ASEO and ASHE projects. The HEART Project targets homosexuals and explores safer sex, dating, and intimacy in lifestyle-affirming workshops. Specialized services are available for lesbians, including parent support groups and a safer sex workshop called Wet, Wild & Well!. Information and support hotlines include the Gay and Lesbian Hotline and the AIDS information line. WWC also distributes condoms and dental dams.

Sponsoring Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Federal). Ryan White CARE Act, Title III (1993-1996)(Federal). District of Columbia Commission of Public Health (State). District of Columbia Department of Human Services (State). Virginia Department of Health (State). Montgomery County, Maryland, Government (Local). City of Alexandria, Virginia (Local). American Foundation for AIDS Research (Private). Brother Help Thyself (Private). Gay Men's Chorus of Washington (Private). Arlington County, Virginia (Local). Fairfax County (Local). Prince George's County Health Department, Maryland (Local).

Hours of Service (Main Office): Mon.-Fri., 9am-6pm. Gay Men's VD Clinic Tues. and Thurs., 6pm-7:30pm. Gay and Lesbian Hotline: Mon.-Sun., 7pm-11pm. DC TTY / TDD and voice AIDS Info Line: Mon.-Fri., 9am-9pm and Sat.-Sun., 10am-5pm. Spanish Hotline: Mon.-Fri., 10am-6pm.

Information Resources: Brochures, directories, fact sheets, information packages, manuals, monographs, posters, reports, statements, teaching guides. Newsletter: Looking Forward, monthly. Audiviovisual materials, HIV-TV, cable television program.

Access Procedures: Housing fee: Yes. Applicants for housing should be referred by a physician, social service agencies, or another branch of the Whitman-Walker Clinic. Due to the small space available for the pharmacy, supplies are limited and doctors must call in orders in advance.

Service Code:
Case Management, Administration Services. Counseling Services. Support Groups. HIV Test Related Counseling. Legal Assistance Services. Medical Services. Alternative Therapies. Dental Services. HIV Antibody Testing Services. Pharmacy Assistance Services. Practical Support Services. Companions, Buddies to AIDS Patients. Financial Services to Individuals. Food Services. Homemakers, Home Health Aides. Housing Services. Outreach Education Services. Speakers Bureaus. Audiovisual Material Dissemination. Newsletter, Periodical Dissemination. Audiovisual Material Production. Newsletter, Periodical Production. Referral Services. AIDS Hotlines.