HIV/AIDS Electronic Bulletin Board Systems

Electronic bulletin board systems, often called BBSs or bulletin boards, are computerized information services accessed by using a computer, a modem, and a telephone line. BBSs help meet today's demands for current news on HIV infection and AIDS as well as provide a convenient means for information exchange among professionals, volunteers, and individuals involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

BBSs and computer networks can consist of any, or all, of the following: electronic mail, bulletin board forums, searchable databases, and transferrable information files. Electronic mail, also called E-mail, is a convenient way of sending private messages to others using the same system. Bulletin board forums, sometimes called conferences, are interactive systems for posting public messages to groups of users connected to the same system. Searchable databases can sometimes be accessed through BBSs and networks, providing a quick means of obtaining specific information such as bibliographic references, full-text articles, and information about organizations. Text files of information can be downloaded from most systems, then later edited and/or printed at the user's computer.

Guide to Selected HIV/AIDS-Related Electronic Bulletin Boards

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