Help Text for CDC Abstracts

This section provides tips on performing effective searches by providing information on the following topics.

Understanding "AND"

All of the terms that you enter will be connected by "AND". This means that the database will search for presentations (or records) that have all of the terms you enter.


Right-hand truncation is available in this database by using *. Truncation enables you to search for more than one form of a word by entering a root word and placing a * at the end of it.

Fact Sheets

On the "Search CDC Abstracts" page, you will see a frame called "CDC Fact Sheets". Thses fact sheets provide background information on main topics of presentations in the database. They are intended to provide to readers with a basic understanding of certain topics relating to HIV and AIDS.


There are two disply options that control the format and the number of results displayed to your screen. These options are found on the bottom of the "Search CDC Abstracts" page.

Select Display Format

  1. Display a list of matching abstracts.
  2. Display complete information about all matching abstracts.

    Maximum Number of Abstracts to Display